Siddall has recently worked on three major efforts for Virginia DRPT. For four years (2015 to present), we’ve worked on Telework Week, promoting working from home through social media, online, radio, print, outdoor and the division’s website. As a result, we increased the click-thru rate for the online campaign by 775% since the first year. We also managed a successful dual-location event for the Inaugural Train to Roanoke, with nearly 200 political and government-sector guests. We worked with a variety of stakeholders to plan and put on the event, including DRPT, Amtrak, Norfolk Southern, City of Lynchburg, City of Roanoke and Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Also, in 2017 and now, this year, we’ve been working with DRPT to promote Bike to Work Week. In 2017, our two-week statewide Facebook campaign targeted to college students, people that live close to downtown areas and people interested in physical fitness, earned more than 700,000 impressions and 3,487 clicks to the website.

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