In 2016/2017, VDEM developed an evacuation plan for Coastal Virginia localities. This updated plan divides the Peninsula into four storm zones, designated A through D – so now, when a storm hits or even approaches, citizens know when to evacuate and what route to take. Our task: to reach the 1.25 million residents in the hurricane threat zone on a very tight budget. In three months. Our Know Your Zone Facebook ad campaign generated 10.8 million impressions, 164,175 clicks and an impressive 1.52% overall click-thru rate – with some individual ads earning a click-thru rate of up to 4.47%. Our ads were shared 4,614 times, got 7,058 reactions (97% of which were likes or hearts) and led to 3,109 new likes of the VDEM Facebook page. The Know Your Zone webpage, where people went to enter their address and find their zone, had 456,187 total page views and an average time on page of 2:43. We have picked up with this campaign again in 2020 with the addition of a COVID-19 lens. We like to think these results could save a few lives, too.