In 2016, after a bankruptcy, asset selloff, and then two years of terrible weather, the State Fair of Virginia had a lot of work to do. They called on us because of our previous seven-year history working with the State Fair. But we were starting from scratch, with a 60k member Facebook community that was enraged. We got to work. First, we capitalized on the iconic blue ribbon to cast a wider net: blue ribbon moments. This gave us the opportunity to celebrate every single aspect of the Fair experience. We teamed our blue ribbon with truly stunning photography, which we were able to capture at a very low cost due to the photographer’s passion for the Fair and a longstanding friendship with our agency. Second, we used research to identify areas where we had high interest and where we had the same high level of product, and created social media around the findings. The results: the Fair experienced the second highest ticket sales in their history, with nearly 250,000 attending. We grew their Facebook fan base from 60,000 to 95,000 highly engaged fans. We stretched our media budget with a targeted media buy to those likely to buy tickets and incentivized all our Facebook fans to share our posts. In all, you could say we did a Blue Ribbon job.

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