GRTC and the City of Richmond teamed up to re-route the city’s bus system, which hadn’t been changed in 40 years. The overhaul included all new bus routes, new route names and numbers, new connection points and new ways to pay on the bus. As the agency for the endeavor, Siddall broke the messaging down into pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases. We created digital ads, print ads, bus cards, on-bus announcements, radio, TV spots, a long format video and a social media campaign featuring video vignettes to get the word out to Richmond. Our online campaign generated over 11 million impressions and 111,461 clicks to the project page of GRTC’s website, and we increased their Facebook followers by 40%. The campaign went on to win the 2018 Virginia Transit Association award for Outstanding Public Transportation Marketing. But best of all, a year after the new bus system debuted, ridership was up 17% at a time when transit ridership nationally declined by nearly 2%.