COVID-19 Containment: Prompting action from the start of COVID through vaccination

When COVID-19 hit, we hit the ground running. We got the word out to “do your part, stop the spread.” Through every media to every audience, we worked 24/7 to create everything from social media shareables to TV campaigns. And we did so with cultural sensitivity, and all due measures taken for accessibility.

"Doing It For My People"

Early in the pandemic we wanted to educate Virginians about how masks help protect the ones you love and care most about.


This innovative animated spot demonstrates how the virus can carry and spread in stores with just one sneeze and why it’s important to protect yourself with masking and proper precautions.

"Thank You"

Healthcare and frontline workers deserved recognition and appreciation from all Virginians for their work in fighting COVID-19.

"Young Adults Mitigation"

Young adults were beginning to gather in groups early in the pandemic while vaccines were still rolling out. We wanted to demonstrate how these gatherings were opportunities to spread the virus and how to mitigate that.

The COVID Comms Hub and COVID Community Ambassador Hub: Making it easy to share crucial messaging

If we’re going to stop the opioid crisis, it will certainly take a village. And we can arm that village with the tools they need to hammer home our messaging. We did this for the Virginia Department of Health, arming healthcare partners and ambassadors with more than 3,000 pieces of communication material during the pandemic.