Vaccinate Virginia: Reaching out to every Virginian to save lives

The opioid effort will require a multi-targeted approach, taking into account our state’s diverse population. The Vaccinate Virginia campaign proves that we’re more than capable of doing this. With a massive amount of smart, culturally sensitive messaging, we were able to reach into our state’s communities through a variety of media.

Hope Campaign – "Reunions"

While Virginians were waiting for their turn to vaccinate early in the pandemic, we filled the comms landscape with positivity, hope, and inspiration for what life will look like when we all vaccinate including reunions with friends and family.

Hope Campaign - "Best Friend"

When COVID vaccines became more widely available, we wanted to show Virginians the things they could look forward to enjoying again like long hugs with best friends.

Hope Campaign - "New Arrival"

Communications early in the pandemic were mostly educational. With this spot, we wanted to bring more emotion and show Virginians the things they could look forward to enjoying again like meeting new family members.

SW Virginia Vaccine Hesitancy PSA - Dave Eggar

A strategic partnership with the Museum of Country Music in Bristol and Grammy nominated artist, Dave Eggar, to promote the benefits of enjoying live music again for the vaccinated.

"Virginia Healthcare Professionals"

Our research indicates that doctors are the most trusted sources of information about COVID-19 and these doctors from across Virginia answer tough questions in a series of digital videos.

Gen Z VAX Campaign

Young adults and Gen Z are among the hardest to reach audiences and these TikTok ads helped to communicate some scientific facts about COVID in a relatable way for young people.